Swedish Romani Modern Party 2018 
  • 1. The party's name.
    Swedish Romani Modern Party (SRMP)

  • 2. The party's purposes.
    Swedish Romani Modern Party based their ideas on the principles of democracy, which is that all people have equal value and the right. We want a society with consideration and respect. The party wants to improve the situation of minorities in Sweden, their human rights, removal of the economic and social barriers in society. Integrate and include minorities in society, with priority on education and job opportunities, as well as the party would work against all forms of discrimination.

    In the party's purpose includes the promotion of minority cultures, traditions and languages.
    We are a politically and religiously independent party.

  • 3. The party's headquarters.
    The party has its headquarters in Malmö.

  • 4. Membership.
    A member can be provided to support the party's purpose and would focus in accordance with these bylaws and paid the membership fee. A member may not be active in more than one batch at a time. A member who violates the party's statutes, the party's purpose or that otherwise is damaging its interests may be excluded from the party by the Board. Application for membership or withdrawal put to the party's Board of Directors. Paid membership fee is non-refundable.

  • 5. Membership fee
    Membership fee is paid with the fixed amount of annual meeting.

  • 6. The party's organization
    Board of Directors elected at the annual meeting. Those who are elected to the Board of Directors shall be members of Sweden's Roma Modern Party. The Board of Directors shall consist of five members and two deputy members. The Board members are elected for two years. They must keep at least two minuted meetings per year, as well as cold to the annual meeting. The Board of Directors appoints from among its members the President, vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Board member. The Board is a quorum when at least three of the members are present.

    It is the responsibility of the Board to promote the party's purpose, to execute the party's decisions, to take responsibility for the party's finances and accounting, and execute other duties provided for in these bylaws.

    Signatory is appointed within the Board. The Board is entitled to financial transactions as necessary provided that decisions are taken with a simple majority, according to Board minutes, and that it is possible to track the transactions.
  • 7. Annual Meeting
    An annual meeting is held once a year, within three months after the financial year end. Case not included in the notice may be made to the decision. When voting has was a member over the age of 18 a voice to add. Amendments to the statutes shall be valid after the decision of two consecutive annual meetings, at least one of which is regular. Notice of a general meeting shall be made by written to all members. It shall be issued not earlier than four weeks before the meeting and no later than two weeks prior to the meeting.

At the annual meeting, the following matters:

  1. The issue of the competent provisions.
  2. Choice of meeting President, meeting Secretary and two people.
  3. Board of Directors, Inc. economic report.
  4. The auditor's written narrative.
  5. Discharge of the Board of Directors.
  6. Election of the Chairman.
  7. Choice of other Board members.
  8. The election of Deputies.
  9. Election of Auditors.
  10. Election of Nomination Committee.
  11. Determining the Member fee.
  12. EV. proposal from the Board of Directors and members.
  • 8. motions
    Motions to the annual meeting shall be submitted no later than four weeks before the annual meeting.

  • 9. the Auditors
    At the annual meeting are elected at least one, maximum two internal auditors. Financial statements are reviewed by the internal auditors and the external auditors for the annual meeting.

    Board fee is payable.

  • 10. Nomination Committee
    The nomination Committee is elected at the annual meeting of Nominating Committee for the next annual meeting.

  • 11. amendment of the statutes
    For amending the party's bylaws required decisions on two consecutive annual meetings. At the second annual meeting required minimum 2/3 majority of statutes. Charter amendment shall be announced at the annual meeting notice.
  • 12. Extra General Meeting
    Additional meetings shall be held whenever the Board considers that there are grounds for it, or if it is requested by an auditor or by at least one tenth of the members of the Association. Summons are issued at least one week before the extraordinary general meeting. Only the case that the notice specifies.
  • 13. Resolution
    Decision of the party's resolution can only be made at two consecutive annual meeting, at least one of which is regular. A minimum of 2/3 of the number of votes cast must approve the proposal.
SRMP - Sveriges Romska Moderna Parti