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Swedish Romani Modern Party

Swedish Romani Modern Party based their ideas on the principles of democracy, which is that all people have equal value and rights.

We want a society with consideration and respect.

We are an independent political party and religiously unbound.

The party wants to improve the situation of minorities in Sweden, their human rights, removal of the economic and social barriers in society.

Integrate and include minorities in society, with priority on education and job opportunities, and work against all forms of discrimination.


> 2018-04-10
We have now launched our Facebook page for SRMP.
Please click on the link, and like, and follow us for the latest news about SRMP.
Here is the link to our Facebook page - www.facebook.com/SverigesRomskaModernaParti

> 2018-03-13

We held a press conference in Folketshus in Landskrona. It was very rewarding and we received a very good response. We will hold several upcoming press conferences in the future, so if you did not have the chance to attend, there will be more opportunities.

Click this link to watch a video recording of the press conference - https://youtu.be/Q1pnqosEfK8

> 2018-03-09

Vi hade äran att bli intervjuade av Sveriges Television. 

Vi kommer att lägga upp filmklippet här inom kort.

SRMP - Sveriges Romska Moderna Parti